The Continuing Story of the Train Not Standing at Platform Granadella

So it COULD be that the Granadella train will start operating next weekend, August 10.

Almost 20 days after awarding the contract, Javea council have now agreed to exclude the businessman who won the contract for not having submitted the required documentation on time.

As Xabia al Dia reported on Friday, this businessman waited until the last day to deliver the necessary documents to proceed with the signing of the contract.

Thus, it was agreed to exclude him from the process and start a new award to the company that came in second place. This is the mercantile Autobuses La Alcoyana of the Vectalia group, the same company that provided the service the previous two years.

Vectalia may present during the remainder of this week all the documents, and indeed, some sources suggest that they would have been submitted already. Most importantly, the certificate of the General Directorate of Traffic authorising the movement of the train is required on a road that, despite appearing local, is actually under provincial ownership. (This same permit also delayed the service last year).

The illusive “Thomas” may be on the road on 1p0th August.