Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Stargazing The Red Lunar Eclipse

This weekend the world will get a glimpse of the ‘super wolf blood moon’ eclipse.

Photo: Stay Wild Moon Child

When Does It Start?

In Spain you will need to stay up late and be patient. The run-up to the eclipse is long, starting at about 03.30 a.m. on Monday January 21, when the first hints of the eclipse will start to hit the moon. This is the penumbral eclipse which involves a slight darkening of the moon’s surface in preparation for the rest of the total eclipse. The first portion of the partial eclipse phase will begin less than an hour later, at 04.33. The total eclipse phase will end at 08.30 

Why Is It Red?

The light coming through Earth is heavily filtered, with our atmosphere taking much of the brunt of filtering the light hitting the day side. When it gets to the thickest parts of the atmosphere, only the red band is “long” enough to make it through, with yellow and blue absorbing into the atmosphere. This effect gives the moon its reddish tint during an eclipse.

Getty Image

Global Event: Total Lunar Eclipse

Local Type: Total Lunar Eclipse, in Alicante

Begins: Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 03:36

Maximum: Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 06:12 1.20 Magnitude

Ends: Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 08:25

Duration: 4 hours, 49 minutes


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