Some pesetas may be worth up to 20,000 euros but they will history by the end of June 2021.

Just 20 days remain to be able to cash in any old peseta notes or coins with the Banco de España.

Do check before doing so though, as certain of the notes/coins, are worth far more than their face value to collectors!

Until January 1, 2002, the peseta was in circulation in Spain . 

The most traditional currency, the one that for centuries was used to pay and collect, until the euro arrived. The European currency forced billions and billions of Spanish currency to be exchanged and from that moment it is allowed that they be exchanged at any Bank of Spain office so that the withdrawal process is as long as possible. 

There are still many coins, and also bills, stored in homes in Spain and since 2002 different specific initiatives have emerged so that Spaniards finish exchanging the pesetas. Time is running out, at the end of the month the deadline to be able to exchange the coins ends . The time given by the Bank of Spain ends on June 30, 2021, so any peseta that has not been delivered to the Bank of Spain must be kept without the possibility of use. 

BUT…..Some of the old pesetas can currently be worth up to 20,000 euros .

Photo and Story – Las Provincias.