Solidarity for Ukraine in Javea

Javea citizens will take to the streets…

The city council has called for people to gather on Tuesday March 1st, with a rally against the war in Ukraine, in defence of peace and in support of the victims of the conflict.

The rally is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the the Town Hall Door (Plaza de la Iglesia)and is open to all local people who want to join. That same afternoon, the mayor, José Chulvi, is expected to meet with the Ukrainian community of Javea to provide municipal collaboration in any humanitarian action.

On the Javea Connect group, there are many posts concerning aid to Ukraine, being organised, in the main, by Terry Curran of the ISVH Voluntarios and the staff of Toscamar Cafe. Please visit our Information Page or group to learn how you can help.

Cover Photo: Brussels School of Governance