Six Hunters Hunted Down! With the Help of a Dog From Madrid

  • The Seprona of the La Guardia Civil in Alicante has uncovered, in Benissa and Teulada, several cases of possession of unauthorised and expired insecticides which are highly toxic and lethal.
  • The searches of these hunters properties also revealed several traps which are prohibited for hunting use, finches and goldfinches and up to 51 hunting dogs, all un-vaccinated and unidentified.
  • The laboratory report is underway to determine if the seized products could have been used as poison in several rural areas of these municipalities.

    According to the complaints filed with the Civil Guard, at least nine dogs were killed and five others were poisoned between the months of March and April of this year, although it is not ruled out that there are more affected dogs whose owners have not filed a complaint.

    The Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard in Alicante, has carried out an investigation related to a series of intoxications by poisoning of several dogs, which occurred in rural areas of Calp, Teulada and Benissa. After taking them out for walks in these areas, the owners saw how their dog, after a few minutes, began to convulse, suffer from respiratory failure and, in the worst cases, died instantly.

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    The agents collected data, taking biological samples from the deceased animals and located the poisoned baits using a dog that specialises in detecting of this type of bait, brought from the Pardo Service of El Pardo (Madrid). The investigations took the agents to four casetas  used to store agricultural material. Three of them were in Benissa and one in Teulada the owners of which are linked to hunting.

    The most prominent chemical found was Aldicarb. Simple exposure to this gives rise to symptoms similar to those described by the owners of poisoned dogs. It should be noted that this substance has a capacity to kill, with just 1.5 grams of the substance, it would kill 500 foxes or 15,000 kestrels, and even cause death to other animals that may feed on them. 

    The acquisition of these pesticides could have been obtained from an illicit establishment in Benissa, inspected by Seprona and the Ministry of Agriculture, and in which more lethal, expired products were found.

    Seprona continues with investigations and wait for these six people to be charged with a crime related to the protection of flora and fauna and crimes of domestic animal abuse, depending on the results of the analysis of the substances seized.