Self Employment Sorrow

The Government decided yesterday that the March Autonomo Contribution must still be paid.

The Executive refers to the measures already approved, such as the provision and exemption of the fee for those who are forced to close or with a fall in income of 75% and rules out suspending this payment, as many of these workers have requested. They stress that the self-employed who are entitled to the benefit approved by the coronavirus crisis will receive their reimbursement automatically .

In the press conference after the Council of Ministers, the government spokeswoman, María Jesús Montero, highlighted the measures that the Executive has approved in recent weeks, such as the aforementioned provision for all those autonomous self-employed workers forced to close or with a fall 75% income, which in turn will be exempt from paying the fee; the different lines of credit and guarantees; or deferrals of debts and obligations, including personal income tax and VAT. But, despite having been specifically questioned on this point, at no time has it indicated that it will be suspended entirely . And sources the Executive affirm that, at least for the moment, that option is not contemplated.

For a significant part of the self-employed, the measures processed measures are not sufficient, and they point out that it is necessary to suspend the quota completely because in many cases , the necessary funds for that quota will not be available . If that happens, those self-employed will incur a non-payment which, in turn, would result in the impossibility of accessing the extraordinary benefit.

The National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers (ATA). spokesman’s reply was “The Government does not attend for now the requests to suspend the quota. Many freelancers, who have closed their activity or their sales have fallen 75%, will not be able to pay their quota without income and without liquidity, generating surcharges and late payments that will hinder the collection of their provision “.

And they add: “We request, only one favour: that the Government does not create more confusion in the self-employed. All are going to pay their quota on March 31 if they do not prevent it and they will return to the truth. The self-employed are suffocated, but they deserve respect and to be told the truth. “


The Minister of Social Security, for his part, points out that faced with this problem, the self-employed can request a postponement of the quota in March and, later, if they are granted benefits, they will have to pay the corresponding part. In this way, they point out, they would prevent them from being denied the benefit for a previous non-payment.