Maybe Just Maybe

We have started writing a poem a day for Lockdown. This was #1. Just as a diversion from the constant news battering us from all sides right now.


You don’t hear traffic in the towns
There’s less need for planes to fly
We are all in a surreal world
So I sat and wondered why

Some would say that man’s to blame
For creating all our tears
The conspiracists will be at work
That will go on for years

But just stand back and think a while
Of the good that can be had
Families together more
It’s really not that bad

Folks may think about their lives
Regretting stuff they’ve done
And maybe they will wonder
If now wrongs can be undone

So put your pride behind you
And be the better man
Make up all your differences
With mum, dad, sis or nan.

Tonight I heard the birds sing
Which I very rarely hear
The noise of all those motorbikes
Stop that happening all year

I smell honeysuckle strongly
From a distance far away
And no-one will now throw litter
In the rivers or the bay

So it maybe really could be
That mother nature needs a rest
She’s fed up with our selfishness
And believe me.. “mum” knows best.

We have had our share of warnings
We’ve had fires, floods and worse
But we go on ignoring her
‘Til she is fit to burst

So think of this from her side
She isn’t being mean
But we have screwed up long enough
She needs to intervene.

Obey the rules that we now have
It may work out for the best
Think of this as mother’s holiday
The world just needs a rest!


Then we made it into a song …….