Saturday, June 22, 2024

Santa Pola re-opens the aquarium with free entry.

Two hundred fish, forty species and now 1,000 visits a day.

Refurbishment was undertaken after its previous hasty closure (maintenance, air conditioning and carpentry) and there are still missing elements, such as explanatory posters etc. For this reason, and because the aquarium itself celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023, the council decided to waive the usual entrance fee.

Considered the oldest saltwater aquarium in the Valencian Community, it houses in its nine tanks: 200 fish and 40 species, including a grouper, named Batiste, who has been there for 35 years; several very amusing moray eels and octopuses are their main attraction.

Since its inception, most of the species collected by the aquarium have been donated by the sailors of Santa Pola and the water is collected directly from the sea, and after treatment, is driven to the aquariums.

In the centre isa large aquarium with an almost square floor plan, around which the public can move freely in a circle, delimited oustide by a continuous series of aquariums.

There are still some finishing touches to be made. The audiovisual room with videos showing the seafaring culture still needs to be refurbished, as well as amphorae from the aritime Museum and more native flora.

Click the photo below to take you to the official website.


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