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Roadworks at Alicante Airport Imminent

by Loraine Gostling

The scheme for widening the access road from the N-332 and motorway to Alicante Airport may now be getting near.

Owners of properties and businesses bordering the roads have now been told that plans to claim the land necessary for the widening will start in September.

The scheme will take land away from a number of residential properties, and some car hire companies that serve the airport.

Not really sure how much disruption or how many delays this will cause but they say the widening work will take 3 years in total.

From the signing of the contract to commence the project, the contractor has 34 months to complete the works which will double the number of lanes on the N-338 road, widening the road onto the airport side, from the N-332 to the A-70, just short of 5 kilometres, excluding around 800 metres at the airport link itself.

The works will cost 18.5 million euro, 36% lower than the contract tender target, and includes 4 viaducts, 2 overpasses, 2 underpasses and 2 cattle tracks.

News via Costa Daily and N332 websites.

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