Thursday, August 18, 2022

Red Cross Rescues

Javea’s beach lifeguard service, carried out by the Red Cross, has taken stock of its intense activity throughout the first month of summer.

Although, in general, the weather has been good, it has been necessary to a total of 104 people had to be rescued from the sea during July.

This figure is higher than in previous years and is attributed to the large increase in the use of “non-motorised floating devices” both by organised companies and individuals, especially kayaks and paddle surf boards.

34 people had to be rescued, 25 of them from kayaks, 11 due to the sinking of their boats and 3 on scooters.

Also, 24 people suffering from severe seasickness or contusions on board boats were also assisted, and finally, 12 bathers on the beach.

The areas around Granadella (26) and Portitxol (37) are the most common, followed by the Arenal (16 rescues), the area of En Caló-Cova del Llop Marí (15), Cap de Sant Antoni (5) and, to a lesser extent, Cala Blanca (2), Primer Montañar (2) and La Grava (1).

At the aid stations, 775 minor treatments have been carried out on the beaches this month. There were searches for 6 lost persons and 49 ambulance transfers from the beach to medical centres.

The trend suggests that August, the busiest month of the year, will be quite busy and therefore the Department of Beaches is urging caution to both active tourism companies and individuals, especially those who lack experience, when it comes

when undertaking a trip along the coast.

Please make use of the official means to gain information about the route and the state of the sea and respect the indications of lifeguards and flags. Also, ensure you have your mobile phone charged so that you can make an emergency call, even if you have to call a relative. Take breaks and and hydrate yourself properly.



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