Posting to the UK – New form and Rules on sending tobacco and medicine

Information taken from posts by Letters R Us, Moraira

Sending packages to the UK now it is no longer in the EU….We are awaiting written confirmation from Correos but it appears a customs label is required on all packages and parcels sent from Spain to the UK.

Here is a copy of the form we use in the shop, plus a link to the UK version of the form.

I cannot find a link on the Correos site yet but it is the CN 23 form. If you’d like to save time in the shop and have your forms already written out then please do use the form attached…. and now I need to investigate how duty is paid on deliveries coming in from the UK… we did have an issue with an order arriving from “Next” today where they wanted to pick up the payment on delivery 😬🧐


Sending MEDICATION and TOBACCO with Correos. Here is the official word from Correos. ‘All deliveries which contain tobacco are stopped by customs and submitted to special taxes which vary on the country.

Regarding medication, it is only possible to send medicines that do not require medical prescription (in Spanish, prescription medicine is called receta medica). Meaning you can only send medicines that you can buy at the pharmacy with no need of your doctor’s authorisation. In the content declaration you have to declare that you are sending “sin receta medica”’ . I hope this clears up some of this fog.