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Out & About- Make the Most of Maserof

by Loraine Gostling

The Maserof Museum Winery is a Also Wine Club and Restaurant. (Non Profit Making Organisation)

This Alqueria or Villa Romana, was initially rebuilt by Englishman Peter Pateman and began its reconstruction in 1972. It is even now, still being rebuilt. In the Winery, you will find historic objects and furniture that dates back from the 11th century to the 19th century.

During September, harvest time, the grapes are “stepped” in candle-light, producing an ecological wine similar to the wines made hundreds of years ago by the Romans. A red wine is produced from the variety of Garnacha Tinta, which is labelled with the name: “Le Baron de Maserof” .

If you want to participate, they accept people as honorary members ( zero cost ) The only thing they ask of an “Honorary Partner,” is that he/she participates once a year in one of their participatory meetings, for the benefit and restoration of the museum and the conservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Maserof Roman Villa.

The villa is  surrounded by vineyards, almond and olive trees, and located in a strategic enclave in Jalon, between the Sierra de Bernia, the Tossal del Navarro in Calpe, the Montgo and the Costera del Ferrer. In the Villa there are unique original pieces dating from the Roman era until the seventeenth century, together with farming tools and furniture (12th to 18th century)  The whole house is a museum!  Not just the original Roman structure but also, the bathroom, kitchen, beams, floors, windows, doors, and tiles. Inside the house there is the original “cup” or tank of the Roman era where the grape was (and is still) trodden.


There is also a Wine Museum inside the house with unique original pieces from the Roman era until the seventeenth century, in this Bodega the wine is stored in the cup, tank and oak jars, for later consumption.


If you want to be a HONORARY PARTNER, it costs nothing! Please just email them at i[email protected] for a registration form.The only thing required of the Honorary Member is that  they participate once a year in one of the participatory meetings. Finally, a 6 course menu is served only at weekends.

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