Oscar’s Last Leg

Oscar is an incredibly fit and selfless young man and if you have not already heard his story… then here it is:-

“Its my birthday on the 10th of the 10th 2018. My 10th birthday.

My legs work fine. My body works kinda fine. But, lots of other people’s do not. This year for my birthday I will walk the first stage of the Camino Santiago. If everything goes OK I will cover about 300 kms along with my mum, Niamh.

Instead of gifts I would like to ask my friends, family and “Facebook Community” to donate a little money. We will use this money to buy a hoist. We will donate this hoist to HELP DAMA , a local charity, who, among other things, loan expensive medical equipment to people in recovery after surgery, or people who are very ill or old. PLEASE PLEASE help me raise €1500 to buy this much needed hoist and TILT chair. If we raise more, we can buy more! We will help a lot of people.”

Oscar has now exceeded the  HALF WAY MARK. Incredible right!? Here’s hoping that today Javea businesses and residents do what they are best at. Joining forces and getting the job done. #Teamwork #UnitedGiving #JaveaCommunity ❤️****

Please help this little lad reach his goal. It would mean so much to him and equally as much as to those who would benefit from Oscar.s wonderful crusade.

COME ON GUYS.. HE IS ALMOST THERE!!!!!!! Here is the link you need to get him to goal

Or, if you prefer, you can donate via Paypal to Oscar’s mum Naimh, who will gladly send you a receipt. Account address is [email protected]

We are almost there! Absolutely amazing. Please feel free to share Oscars fundraiser. Your click makes all the difference.

Gepostet von Niamh OSheehan am Donnerstag, 27. September 2018