Some stories about those who are being naughty and being nabbed!

A wanted criminal

On Sunday, officers arrested a middle-aged man who was wanted by the justice system. The man had gone out to buy something to eat when he was stopped by the Civil Guard. Once the officers identified him, they discovered he had a long criminal history and had spent much of his time in hiding. A judge has sent the man to prison.

“This is not your home”

When a 78-year-old cyclist with a “helmet, gloves, backpack and light” was asked where he was heading, he replied that he lived 100 meters away. The officers accompanied him to his home, which was “the furthest house in the nearest village to where he was intercepted.” When they arrived, they found a woman who told the officers: “I have been in this house for 60 years and I have never seen that man in my life.”! .. Could cost him between €300 and €30,000, according to an estimate from the central government’s delegate in A Coruña, which is the authority in these matters.

Emergency video needed

A middle-aged couple who were stopped on Saturday said that they were on their way to the video rental store in town to get a film to watch that evening at home. “They knew that they have to leave [their home] only one at a time, and that renting a movie does not count as a good reason to leave,” says Lorenzo. Both were fined.

No dough?

Last Sunday, a Civil Guard checkpoint in a mountainous area stopped a motorcyclist who said he was going “to buy bread.” When they asked for his identification, it turned out that the man lived 21 kilometers away from where he had been stopped, and had apparently not been able to buy bread in any of the five towns he passed through. At last he confessed: “I went out to buy bread and…….” He was reported and escorted to his home.

These were all in nothern Spain by I daresay we will hear more locally as time passes .