A Little “Tweaking” Necessary

Hi to all members of Javea Connect.

Recent quite unpleasant events ( usually happens in the heat!) have led us to have a rethink about the “rules” of the JC group. Now if you are reading this as a casual “pop-on” member, then you will probably not have any idea what we are talking about, but those veterans who use the group regularly will understand.

We were pretty much warned by another big group that once the membership reaches 15,000 ( which it almost has) it will become more difficult to moderate and some have even said we would not cope with just 5 people. However, we took some advice from a very large group, run by a small family, which has over 50,000 members and they have proven that it can be done. Therefore we have taken a leaf out of the “Expats in Spain’s” book and have produced a more concise introduction which will show up on the group very soon. 

Read on to see the changes, together with the group “dos and don’ts” and a link to advice on how to deal with a complaint against a business before trying to shame them publicly. 

“Welcome to Javea Connect  and thank you for your interest in this local group. Please do introduce yourself to us once you have access to the group, it helps others to get to know you.
The group has been in existence since 2011 and in order to help you understand  the group’s dynamics, before you decide to join, especially if you are joining to promote a LOCAL business, please go to the rules/guidelines page on our website and read a little more about us.

We do moderate the group and we will take action to ban and remove any member that uses negative, abusive, rude or offensive comments, as well as any keyboard warrior, troll or individual who just wishes to post spam. Please let us know of any problems you may have and always remember that you can CLICK REPORT TO ADMIN or block a member yourself should you be offended by any material or comment on the group. If you need any personal help or advice with a problem or wish to contact admin, we can all be reached at [email protected]

If your application is rejected, it may be that your profile does not indicate any obvious connection to the local area or appears to be a fake ID.  

We hope you will enjoy being a member of the group.”

If, of course, you just wish to see what is happening around the area, without scrolling or searching the group, you can always visit the JC FACEBOOK PAGE or the WEBSITE

You can reach us in 3 ways but please give us some reasonable time to reply as the group is a free service. 

  1. Press the “report” button via the drop-down arrow in top right corner on any post.
  2. Email us at [email protected]
  3. Message via the Facebook page linked above. Javea Connect