Javea council discusses orders for the closure of four Arenal businesses

The establishments had been the target of several noise complaints from neighbours..

As reported by Levante

Javea City Council has ordered the closure of four of the six premises in Punta del Arenal because, apparently, they lack the proper licenses. ( the businesses were not specifically named in the original news article)

The area of Punta del Arenal houses several businesses that have also been the subject of various reports and complaints by residents of the area due to excessive noise levels during summer nights.

In fact, one of them reached the “Síndic de Greuges” who recommended to the city council to study whether it was appropriate to declare the area as an Acoustically Saturated Zone. After studies -in full post-pandemic recovery-, it was discarded because the limits set by the specific law were not reached.

The position of Javea City Council

In the plenary session held last Monday, the spokesperson for Compromís, Juan Cardona and that of Ciudadanos, Enrique Escrivá, asked the local government about these closures, which appeared among the decrees approved during September.

In this regard, the Councilor for Activities, Alberto Tur, explained that the business files “are still pending” and refused to offer more details, claiming that it is “a regulated process and when it comes out its resolution will be over.” The mayor, José Chulvi, closed the debate saying “it is a regulated matter”, and urged the councilors to access the information when the process is complete.