Javea Fires of 2016 to Feature on TV Series

Get a glimpse of our Bomberos! Read to end for a history of the events leading up to the Uk media interest……

A new series “Holiday Horrors” starts on 7th June at 10 pm on ITV. One of the episodes features the experiences of people here during the catastrophic fires of September 2016.   ITV describes the series as:-

“Packed full of amazing clips showing what goes wrong when you try to get it away from it all, Holiday Horrors: Caught on Camera might make you never want to take a break again.”

We had a word with Richie Mallen, the commander of the ISVH Bomberos to see how all this came about and whether our fire-fighters would actually appear on the show. It transpires that Adam Stevens, who is the current Group Leader and Training Officer of the ISVH Bomberos, and his partner Catherine,  were approached by  ITN News after they saw a video complied by Catherine on Youtube and it really went from there. Strangely enough, the video never reached the Javea Connect group, which is a real shame because it is a wonderful diary of events of that fateful time in September last year. We are, as always, truly grateful for having these brave lads ( and lassies now) in our community.
We also hope that one of the episodes about to be aired will include our brave local lads at some point.
Here is Catherine’s superb video-diary and a link to her blog:-
“When Adam joined the volunteer bomberos in Javea, Spain in April 2016, little did he know that a few months later he’d be part of the biggest wild fire event in the town so far. This is my experience of what happened – read more at www.catsfurball.com”


  1. We were caught in the middle of this fire last year on our 2week holiday in javea we can only say great things about the staff involved in getting the fire under control the gaurdia who evacuated us and the local people who put us up for a few days while all this was going on, no mean feat considering we were a family of 11 they opened up there home cooked for us have us clean clothes and took us to the shops etc and have the kids free reign in their swimming pool while letting the younger kids believe it was all part of the planned holiday and not having them frightened of what was going on around them, an amazing community and very courageous bomberos helping get everything under control.