It’s official: Ciudadanos por Jávea gives the government to Partido Popular.

After 15 days, and holding various meetings, it has been made public who will govern Javea for the next four years. As were the results of the municipal elections; the Socialist Party was the list with the most votes but did not obtain the majority to govern, it obtained nine councilors out of the 11 they needed The Popular Party stood 34 votes behind the PSOE, with eight councillors, which also needed more support to reach the government.

At the centre of this matter was Ciudadanos por Jávea, an independent party that, with two councilors voted in, became the essential key to tip the balance of government. Thus, and after listening to the proposals of each of the two political teams (PP and PSOE), Ciudadanos por Jávea confirms that its support will be for Rosa Cardona of Partido Popular ( the People’s Party).

But as things stood, the PP still needed support to obtain an absolute majority, that is, the 11 councillors. This is where VOX comes in, after getting one councilor in the elections, also supports Cardona to become the first woman mayor of Javea.

The PP Xàbia achieves the mayor’s office

The Popular Party of Xàbia has reached two agreements, one with Ciudadanos por Jávea and another with VOX, respectively, to achieve the mayor’s office of Xàbia. The documents signed with each of these formations, as pointed out by the candidate for mayor of PP Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, “regulate the framework of action to manage and plan, from transparency and participation the Javea Town Hall”.

A roadmap that, as explained, “will serve as the basis to provide opportunities to undertake and promote all sectors of the local economy, addressing housing needs and the projects necessary to improve the services and facilities of Xàbia”.

As the candidate for mayor has added, “both documents lay the foundations of a project that provides stability and guarantees the governability of Xàbia for the next four years.” Some agreements, in which the understanding is reflected when it comes to positioning Xàbia as a quality tourist reference, counting on environmental sustainability, being a safe, diverse and welcoming town, with a management that is up to the talent, needs and concerns of the neighbours, residents and visitors of Xàbia.

These agreements are born from the consensus reached on the one hand between the Popular Party and Ciudadanos por Jávea, and endorsed on the other hand, between the Popular Party and VOX, to form a government for all Javienses.

Lines to follow in the next legislature

The executive, formed by the tripartite (PP, CpJ and VOX) has set the following programmatic lines for the government of the next four years:

Transparent management and recover citizen participation.

Social policies, protection of childhood, adolescence, health and mental health as basic pillars.

Advance in education, professional training and opportunities for young people.

Promotion of entrepreneurship, employment and revitalisation of all sectors of the economy of Xàbia.

More security in the streets and improvement of Citizen Attention that reaches the three urban centers.

Quality and sustainable tourism with our environment.

Adapt the transport and mobility of Xàbia to current needs and execute infrastructures to be more sustainable and efficient.

Sustainable urban planning towards a Compact City model, which meets the housing needs for young people and families, as well as sports facilities, schools and other services.

Set up of cleaning, adaptation of parks and gardens and other municipal services.

Promotion and improvement of sports, cultural and festive management.

Boost to the primary sector of Xàbia.


There followed press release statements by PSOE Mayor Jose Chulvi and Ciudadanos por Jávea. These can be found on the following links on…