The Initiation Wells …..Wow!

Quinta de Regaleira

Just a quick look at this photo below may make you want to get in your car an travel over to our neighbours in Portugal.

A Luxury Travel Blog tells us…

“There are some incredible things to see when you visit this estate located near the historic town of Sintra, Portugal. Among attractions are The Regaleira Palace, The Regaleira Chapel, a Roman Catholic Chapel and a park that spans 4 hectares and contains an extensive network of tunnels. But of course, you are still intrigued by the photo, aren’t you? They are known as the Initiation Wells, which were used not for water gathering, but for Tarot initiation rites. The tunnel system connects the two wells and other monuments to each other, and the the larger of the two wells contains a 27-meter spiral staircase with several small landings.”