In times such as this TEAMING can make such a BIG DIFFERENCE!

I really don’t need to tell you how much charitable associations must be suffering right now, but there is a way to help and is costs just 1.00 euro per month.

Many of our local associations rely on these small, affordable donations to keep going and whilst we understand that many people cannot afford very much at all right now, I am appealing to those lucky enough to still have a regular income.

I am talking about “Teaming”. I have been donating to a few local associations for some time now and I must say, they way it works is fantastic and the people who run it ensure that you are kept updated by email every month with receipts etc and your businesses can, I believe, claim it back aginst tax with the annual receipt that you can access via their website.


Teaming is an online tool to raise funds for social causes through micro donations of € 1 per month. The Teaming philosophy is based on the idea that with € 1, we alone cannot do much, but if we join, we can achieve great things.

But to learn more, please go to their website via the button below.

I know of several associations that really could use some help right now and have listed the ones I know below, with links to their teaming pages. 💜😍 Make a difference 🙂

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