Hit and Run Driver ! Appeal for Witnesses.

We have been asked by a member of Javea Connect  to appeal to anyone who saw this incident today. Luckily the young girl who was hit by a passing car was not injured badly but the driver did not stop!!!

Here follows a witness account by a woman who did stop to help her. Is there anyone else who can shed more light on this please?

“At approximately 9:55 this morning, I was driving down the hill on Ctra de la Guardia, on my way into Javea. As I passed a young girl who was walking up the hill, on the opposite side of the road, a black car, also traveling in the same direction as her (opposite direction to me; up the hill), hit the girl and visibly knocked her quite hard with the right side of his/her vehicle. There were numerous cars behind the black car and there were many other cars behind me. Someone had to have seen this other than me.

I know that there was a male driving a red jeep type vehicle behind me but other than that, it all happened too quickly to take note of the black car. He or she drove off (which is effectively a hit and run) without checking to see if the girl was hurt. I turned around at the entrance to Tosalet, drove up the hill only to find that indeed no one else had stopped to see if she was OK. Thankfully she was happy enough to get in my car, so that I could drive her home. I have since been in touch with her mum and I hear that she is fine however I am appalled that this even happened.”

If you can help in any way, please contact us at [email protected] or via the contact page on this website.