Helga’s Blog #2…..Beautiful Blossom & Processionary Pests

Almond Blossom and Hairy Caterpillars….

did that grab your attention?    

Why is it, at this time of the year on the Costa Blanca that it is sooooo beautiful with all the blossom ranging from white to cerise but that we dare not go out because of the dratted hairy caterpillars…who planned that one?  Is this a joke?

Who has tried to safely get those little nests out of the pine trees?  Why are they always just out of reach and the step ladder is not just high enough?  OK, so you have a little nest, still attached to the tree but very carefully you have managed to tie a plastic bag round it, so now what do you do with it?  Hot, tired, sweaty with the climb up the ladder, hoping and praying that the wind does not blow the hairs in your face, you have the blighter bagged!  Back down the ladder and looking up at the decorative plastic bag tied around your foe…what are you going to do..saw or secateurs?

Saw it is then, more climbing, more swearing and sweating you finally manage to get the nest in the bag that was attached to a pesky pine tree down on the ground.  Next.  Petrol? Fire lighter and Petrol?  Those big BBQ matches and petrol and fire lighter? And where are you going to set fire to it, not the BBQ itself the hairs may get in the food and can you just imagine what would happen….no, not an option.  Bottom of the garden, not too close to the boundary wall the next door neighbour will report you for having a fire without a license from the Ajuntament and even if you did have a license it is far too windy and the fire risk is on yellow so the license is invalid, although that does not account for Pedreguer as last week you could not see the village for smoke and it was very windy, they must have all been trying to burn a few dozen caterpillar nests.

Garage is the only option to set fire to this mini menace.  Doors closed, check. Metal ash bucket with lid, check.  Petrol in a plastic bag from Repsol, check. BIG fire starter matches. Check.  Bucket of water, just in case of accidents, check.   Welders mask and gloves, check.

Here goes then…whoosh up it goes, repeat 47 times and its all over for this year.

See you all next time 🙂 ………………….

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