“Furever” Home Needed for The Patchwork Cat

I am the Patchwork Cat.

When I was made I was given the emerald eyes from the Jungle Jaguar, my beautiful ginger striped arms from the Titan Tiger, my black face mask from the King of Siamese Cats, my four white paws and white silky neck from the Queen of Persia.

I have the loving personality and the energy of a 6 month kitten and have been spayed, vet checked and the only thing I lack is a forever home. 

My foster home is wonderful but the 3 cats who live here are just a little too old for me. I need and long for the home that will complete my patchwork life.

Contact Chris via her FB page here, or email us here at Javea Connect at [email protected] if you would like to come see me  😀