From Streeting to Strutting

Sidewalks to Catwalks

A not-for-profit project Topmantatopmodel aims to connect African migrants with fashion brands that need black models.

Under the slogan “From Sidewalk to Catwalk,” the project aims to connect the aspiring models with brands in search of models with similar profiles. The program is being led by publicist and creative director Julián Zuazo, alongside Susanne Pfingsten and a team of well-known professionals from the film, advertising and fashion industries. Together they have put together the first of many videos designed to showcase the modelling skills of some of these young men.

According to Zuazo, the idea was inspired by the difficulty of finding black models in Spain. “I have always had to look for them outside of the country, in New York or Los Angeles, but one day as I was walking down the street, I realised we had them right here,” he explains. The realisation prompted him to create a website that could connect brands with aspiring models. “The web page features their photos, a short biography and a contact number so they can call them directly. We provide support and legal advice so they can enter into a project-based contract,” says Pfingsten, who is in charge of communication.

Interestingly, there is a section in Spanish law that allows an undocumented foreigner to be contracted as long as a Spaniard is not able to do the same job. Given that there are not many two-meter tall black Spaniards around, we are not taking work away from anyone and everyone wins,” explains Pfingsten.

You can read the full story on El Pais but we thought it was an unusual happy “feel good” article for the weekend.

Here are some of the “Looky-Looky” men now aspiring to model rather than peddle 🙂