Monday, May 23, 2022

“Finger Drawingly Good! “

KFC is giving away chicken strips to customers who draw the brand’s logo on their cars ‘battered’ by the dust.

The campaign, which generated more than three million hits and 200,000 interactions on Twitter in less than 24 hours, managed to get more than 1,000 people to draw the logo on their vehicles!

On Tuesday all of Spain woke up covered by a large layer of red dust from the Sahara desert that descended upon streets, cars and basically anything that was not inside a double lazed building!

KFC took advantage of this to launch a promotion using private cars as their own communication channel, making them the iconic image of the campaign. It all started on Twitter. Through a tweet where the brand encouraged Spaniards to draw the KFC logo by hand on their “battered” cars to get two free chicken strips.

“Let’s do one thing: if you stop by any KFC Auto with a dusty “battered” car and the letters KFC painted with your finger, we’ll give you two chicken strips with the real batter. It was not a joke 🙂

The result is, that in the first 24 hours of the campaign, more than 1,000 people from all over Spain drew the KFC logo on their car and went to their nearest KFC Auto restaurant to enjoy their two free chicken strips. And it was not only cars; some used other vehicles such as bicycles or pushchairs to ensure they got their prize strips.

Not sure if there is an end date to this so if the rain has not washed it away, you can probably still go claim your nibbles!!



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