DGT Pegasus Helicopter Starts Work to Denounce Cyclists

The DGT is now carrying out previous threats and has begun to use Pegasus helicopters to spot and fine cyclists, something that has re-opened the controversy between drivers and cyclists.

During May, the Traffic Civil Guard fined a group of cyclists after viewing some images captured by Pegasus. The events occurred in the San Martin de la Vega Road in Madrid when they were seen driving on the road in parallel groups of 3. Remember that the regulations do not allow parallel riding of more than 2 abreast. In addition to this, the images recorded by the traffic helicopter show that the cyclists committed a second offense, the invasion of the opposite lane almost in its entirety.

Cyclists and drivers are now both on the warpath! In Spain, as we often see in our Javea Connect groups , there is a great problem with the coexistence between drivers and cyclists.

In order to avoid accidents and save lives, the DGT will continue to intensify the surveillance so that both parties respect the rules of the road more closely. There does, however remain the possibility of creating specifics regulation for cyclists.