Come Join Us At a Happy Place!


  • Do you love animals? In particular those majestic beasts “Equus Erus Caballus”, more commonly known as the horse?
  • Do you like to partake in the odd glass of vino/beer/gin and tonic, brandy? 
  • Do you enjoy just throwing on an old pair of jeans, comfy top and “sensible” footwear rather than the full makeup or shaving routine, posh frock, a restrictive suit and shoes that are really not made for Spain’s terrain?
  • Do you like mingling with people from all nationalities, where you can speak in any language, (or part of it) that you can muster up and know that everyone will join in as best they can and make you feel totally comfortable and welcome?
  • Can you suffer plates of delicious tapas being put in front of you while you sip your glass of wine, or knock back a beer, either of which will cost you all of 1 Euro!!
  • How do you feel about sitting at the bar with a beautiful pony standing right next to you just waiting to see if you will produce an apple, carrot or some such horsey treat, while a few playful rescue dogs and cats roam around just wanting a cuddle ( and maybe the odd biscuit 😉 )?
  • Oh… and goats… must not forget the tree-goats!  

Well, if your answers to the above are a definite “Yes”, then you need to come along someday and meet the animals at APAC.  If you have not heard of them,  or do not know what they do, then a bit later on, I will post a link where you can read everything about this wonderful charity organisation that works solely from the donations they receive from people like you. 

I could go on and on about how much I love going to this place, where all the animal life ( including the humans in charge, Lois, Pepa and Jules) make you forget all the crap of the daily grind for a few hours and you can just sit, wander, drink, nibble and enjoy the magnificent simplicity of being out in the campo in La Xara with nature all around you.

And no matter whether you can donate a couple of euros or a million….spare a few hours or 10 minutes, everyone who helps in any way is truly appreciated by these guys.

So that’s it, I will stop now, apart from just having to show you some of the Stars of APAC and sending you, via, THIS LINK, to their Facebook Page, where you can find much more information, “Like” the page or, if you have a little cash to spare, you can donate to the upkeep of these wonderful animals too.