Thursday, June 13, 2024

Changing address or applying for duplicate documents with the DGT

Change of address of a vehicle

For a few months, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has been able to change the address of the vehicle (fiscal address) through 060. At the moment, the results of the initiative are still quite satisfactory.

The procedure is carried out with a telephone call, without traveling to the Provincial Headquarters, without duplication and with the help of an operator. Security and truthfulness are guaranteed by contrast questions to prove identity. Once the procedure has been completed, a receipt is sent that records the management.

Change of address of a driving permit

It is also possible to change the address of the driving license at 060, that is, the address to which the fines are sent.

Duplicate of a permit

When your driver’s license is lost, damaged or stolen, it is necessary to request a duplicate. This procedure can also be done both through the DGT website and 060.

For this management, more complex when  paying a fee, the citizen needs to have a digital certificate or download Model 791 from the DGT website and pay the fee (€ 20.40) in the attached financial entities .

Request an appointment

For any management in the Provincial Traffic Headquarters it is necessary to request an appointment. Today, there are two ways: through the DGT website or by calling 060.