Blue Sharks Sighted Near Denia Beach

This afternoon (28th July)  at Les Devises beach, there were sightings of two blue sharks.

Bathers were alerted and the Red Cross has put the yellow flag on the beach. The Red Cross boat then “guided” the sharks offshore and has recommended that people keep watching the flags and swim only when safe to do so. 

Things you should ( or may want) to know about blue sharks

Blue sharks are truly cosmopolitan. In fact, the IUCN lists the waters of over 150 countries as their native habitat! These worldly circumnavigators can be found in tropical and temperate waters from as far north as Norway all the way down to the tip of South America! They’re also highly migratory, and have been tracked swimming over 9,000 kilometres during pupping season!

Don’t let that slender body fool you, blue sharks are phenomenally evolved swimmers. Their sleek silhouette makes them incredibly graceful cruisers (perfect for long migrations in the open ocean) and agile hunters.

In general, blue sharks are opportunistic feeders, but they’re known to munch squid whenever (and wherever) they can.. Phew!!!!

Contrary to popular belief, great whites aren’t the only sharks with Air Jaws-style jumping capabilities. Blue sharks have also been spotted performing out-of-water acrobatics when chasing prey!