Beware Tuesday the 13th!

Did you know that unlike most other coutries, who won’t go out on Friday 13th, in Spain Tuesday the 13th is considered unlucky? 

If you’re the kind of superstitious soul who body swerves ladders to ensure not to go underneath them, won’t wear green to a wedding, keeps a rabbit’s foot on your key-chain, is always confused about whether black cats are meant to bring bad luck or good, then you will be interested as to the Spanish equivalents regarding their potentially unlucky day!

There is an even old proverb that explains the superstition: “On Tuesday, don’t get married, embark on a journey, or move away (‘En martes, ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni de tu casa te apartes’)

The reasoning behind the Spanish day of doom is that Tuesday is said to be dominated by Ares, the Greek god of war —  who gives his name to “Martes”

There are heaps of other Spanish superstitions, here are a few “no-nos” for the Spanish…

BREAK A LEG: What is it with wishing harm on people as a sign of good luck, especially in the theatre? Well, in Spain, instead, you have to to wish them  “mucha mierda” or “loads of shit”.



While most countries allow their feline friends to have 9 lives, the poor Spanish gatos have two fewer lives than their English counterparts, only Seven  🙁 


THE POINTY END: Don’t buy family or friends knives or scissors as a gift. Tradition says that this means that the relationship will be broken. 




NO HATS ON BEDS:  In Spain, putting a hat on a bed will bring bad luck. Leaving your hat on the bed may have been symbolic of losing your mind? Or the old belief that evil spirits lived in the hair and the air around a person’s head? Who knows? 


BOLSA PROBLEMS: Always make sure there is an extra chair at your table in Spain just for your handbag. Spaniards believe that leaving your handbag on the floor will result in you losing all your money.



DON’T BUY YELLOW CLOTHES AS A GIFT: This comes from the idea that yellow represents sulphur and the Devil. So don’t wear yellow on day of an exam, a job interview or when you are starring in a play and definitely not on Tuesday the 13th!


BEST FOOT FORWARD: Entering a room (or landing on the moon) with your left foot is just not on! If you do happen to enter a room with your left foot, then there is an antidote! . Just make sure to make the sign of the cross three times to counter the bad luck! Now I really need to learn my left from my right!!!

SWEPT OFF YOUR FEET: If you accidentally brush the feet of a single woman while sweeping, it means she’ll never get married. This one appears to be related to witches of long gone days! 


CACTUS: Why there are so many cactuses on window sills in Spain? Well because it is widely believed in Spain that a cactus can ward away evil.


PROBABLY THE ONE WE ALL KNOW…LUCKY NEW YEAR! But did you know about the underwear too? Spaniards traditionally eat 12 grapes on the 12 strokes of midnight on New Year’s Eve. For even more annual luck, wearing red underwear on the last night of the year will also guarantee a lucky year ahead 😉