Andrea Wilson..Another Hoax Doing the Rounds

Please stop sending via PM the messages about accepting friendship requests from Andrea Wilson (who is flavour of the month at the moment) She is NOT a hacker and neither are all these various names that are made up and circulated with amazing regularity throughout Facebook messenger.

As recently posted by Jon Worby

It is nonsense.

Hackers Cannot Take Control of Your Accounts in the Way Described

Even the smartest hacker will not be able to take control of your computer just by being added to your Facebook friends list.

Passing on these fake alerts will do nothing to help people stay safe online. Nor will they help people protect their online accounts. Such hoaxes only spread confusion and alarm for no good reason.


So whilst you should be vigilant at all times when opening messages, it is a good idea to check any virus/group warnings you receive with Snopes or Hoax-Slayer before passing them on by sharing or chat messages. Here is the link to Snopes which is the site I always rely on before passing any of these messages on.  Keep the link bookmarked. 🙂 Hoax Slayer is also a good website for checking urban myths etc.