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An Italian Story

by Loraine Gostling

We are sharing this comment which has been added today on the Javea Connect group. We thought you may want hear what an Italian has to say.

Hello everyone… I’m Italian. Born and live in Florence, my name is Paolo… Paolo Paroli and I have always been in love with his wonderful city (Javea) that I was lucky and privilege to visit and meet many years ago. …., the first time in September 1984, I was planning a 2 month stay in the spring, but unfortunately due to the latest world events here in Italy, we are all armored in the house, we can’t get out and all non-food commercial activities. sport is prohibited and any event involving close physical contacts between people… there are police on the streets they control and every movement of citizens that must be justified for valid reasons. I consider myself lucky because for now me and the all my family members are healthy and this is the most important thing! I hope all of this happens quickly… that researchers around the world can quickly discover treatments and vaccine for this “plague” affecting the whole world! Surely as soon as this is all over, my greatest wish will be to grant me a wonderful vacation in your city that I always loved and planned to come live for a few months a year! I RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO SUBMIT TO THIS PANDEMIC. IN ITALY EVERY DAY there is an incredible increase in sick people and many deaths! A virtual hug for all of you and a kiss of heart.

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