Alert Cops, an App to Report Crimes to the Police

The Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, José Manuel Santiago, has reported a new update to the Alertcops application with an alert button to which all victims and health professionals will have access.

With more crime being reported locally recently, this app could be useful if you spot anything suspicious happening . You can send a notice to the Police or Civil Guard in a simple way from a smartphone.

 The Civil Guard was a pioneer in creating a mobile application in 2011, but it was never updated and was forgotten. Then Ministry of the Interior put the batteries in a few years later and launched Alert Cops ( Android / iOS ) for improved communication with people who want to report a crime.

Direct chat with security forces

It works in a very simple way, with a registration with DNI, phone number and email (other personal data can be provided, such as blood group or other medical information). An SMS will confirm your number and registration will be complete. 


A series of icons indicate the type of crime you are witnessing, robbery, assault, vandalism, damage, aggression, sexual assault, school harassment, fights or a lost or missing person.

You will be asked you about location: home, place of work, vehicle, public transport, public road, schools etc. 

When the alert is sent, a chat thread is opened between the agent and the caller in case more information is necessary.

The status of the alarm can be consulted at any time from the ‘My alerts’ menu.

You can also simply request information from the National Police or Civil Guard and even send a test alert to familiarise yourself with the system. This will make it easier to have to use the application in a real situation.

Download the app from Playstore