Silent Fireworks.. Italy Lead The Way

Italian silent fireworks! No noise or explosions that normally would scare animals or those of a nervous disposition

Collecchio, in Parma, Italy, issued a decree prohibiting the launching of any type of pyrotechnics unless it complies with silent specifications, so as not to disturb the animals during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The authorities said that they will be very strict in the matter, although they will allow the traditional fireworks to continue to be used, but with limitations that allow people “to enjoy the color they project in the sky while respecting the animals and those who suffer from stress with the rumbles and explosions.

As an example, the video at the top of this feature was uploaded on YouTube demonstrating that it is possible to enjoy a firework party without the inconveniences or discomforts of rumblings and related noise.

The consequences in pets

Dogs whose hearing ability is much more sensitive than human appear among the most affected (at least they are the ones we know best in their reactions) and should be protected with ear wax plugs, specialists recommend.

Also cats and animals in general, often suffer from the problem that is generated besides “acoustic stress” a series of immediate effects, some of which can even lead to death.

In addition, every year dozens of animals disappear from their homes frightened by the noise, some are lost, others are run over in the streets, exposing even drivers to suffer a traffic accident.

Maybe time to start appealing to the local Spanish councils and asking a few questions?