Wondering if wandering parking is legal?

A subject that has reared its head quite a lot recently on the Javea Connect group and sparked a lot of debate.

Travelling with the house in tow is now very fashionable. Caravans, motorhomes, campers – indeed and adapted vehicle with a bed, kitchen and bathroom allows its occupants to travel around the world without worrying about where to sleep on arrival. Nomadic tourism is in fashion. Finding the best spot to awake and smell the coffee (or sea!), in each place is obviously one of the objectives of these tourists.

For months, the place most chosen by nomadic tourism is the playa del Prima Montañar. The only parking space in this area is constantly filled with caravans. The car park located next to the mouth of the Gorgos River on the seafront is the ‘new hotel’ with that idyllic view!

It is clear that waking up with views such as this, with the landscape of the Cape San Antonio and Cap Prim covering the bay, and hearing the crash of the waves is priceless, but this option is not allowed in all corners of Javea.

For weeks, many neighbours have been denouncing this nomadic occupation on social media. The municipal ordinance does not allow overnight stays on public roads, but nothing in the current law prevents them from being able to park on this particular spot.

Cover photo and source: Javea.com