Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Why Is The Fire in Benissa Still Burning?

The question was asked recently on the Firewatch group and has been answered by one of their members, Arie Boom, who took the details from a German newspaper on the Costa Blanca…

The C.B.N. German media explains about the fire as follows:-

The fire started deep inside a 15 meter high green waste “mountain” by self combustion…it started to burn and the emergency services got the outside fire under control, also the rain subsequently helped a lot. However,  deep inside the “mountain” water can’ t reach the glowing hot spots and it is that which keeps on glowing (burning).

This week they are starting to tear down the huge pile of green waste and dig until they reach the several glowing hot-spots, so they can be put out .At this moment you can’t bring any green waste to the Eco-park because of the ongoing fire.

Photo taken on 21st September be Joyce van der Burg

Hope this helps to understand the situation.