Well They Do Say Things Come In Threes– More Strike Threats to Disrupt Summer!

First Vueling, Then Spanish Workers Now Ryanair Join the Summer Disruption Plans!

EUROPEAN unions representing Ryanair cabin crew have given the airline until June 30 to adopt national employment laws for all their workers. If the airline fails to agree within that time, they will be faced with summer strikes.

They said in a statement: “If Ryanair fails to comply with these terms, the undersigned unions will initiate all the statutory and legal procedures to call a coordinated industrial action, including the use of strike action, during the summer of 2018.”

Five unions representing Ryanair European cabin crew met on on Tuesday and agreed on the deadline.

Their demands include respecting national legislation where cabin crew are based and applying the same work conditions for all workers.

For the time being, this is all we need to know I suppose and we will have to wait, yet again, for the outcome of various talks. In the meantime, if you wish to know more, here is is what The Sun has to say 😉