Welcome back Doris!

Mayor José Chulvi, has today announced a reshuffle and restructuring of the government team marked by a pact reached with Ciudadanos por Jávea, retirement of the town planning councillor and first deputy mayor, Isabel Bolufer.

The mayor has assured, despite having an absolute majority, that the PSPV has always had the right to vote in the elections and has always had the doors open to incorporate other parties in the tasks of government.

“For some time we have been talking to Ciudadanos por Jávea, a party with which we have experience in government and have always demonstrated their experience in government and they have always demonstrated their responsibility and collaboration in the important important issues of the municipality. Now the circumstances have arisen to reach an agreement” explained Chulvi.

The other important change responds to the retirement resignations of councillor Isabel Bolufer, who will be replaced by Doris Courcelles, who is returning to active politics and will be in charge of areas in which she has a great deal of experience, such as Attention to Foreign Residents
Foreign Residents and relations with the Urbanisations.

The mayor has detailed the changes involved in this restructuring.
Pepa Gisbert will be in charge of Urbanism and Maintenance of the same.

Juan Ortolá will manage Public Safety, Civil Protection, Mobility and Transport as well as becoming a member of the governing board and holding the fourth post of mayor.

The other CDJ councillor, Susana Ern, will have political responsibilities in Heritage, the Municipal Market, fairs and street vending.

Within the PSPV, Toni Miragall takes over the Integral Water Cycle, which will be directly related to his other responsibilities in Environment and Agriculture, whilst also maintaining Tourism.

Lastly, Marta Bañuls, reduces her management responsibilities and will focus on the areas of Economic Development and the Duanes neighbourhood.

The rest of the councillors maintain their delegations unchanged, so that, overall, one exclusive dedication is reduced (4), the partial dedications are maintained (3) and there will be 6 councillors with no dedication and will only receive compensation for attendance.

New budget

As the mayor pointed out, this change will take place on 15th October, the date on which Isabel Bolufer will formalise her resignation – a time when work will begin on the 2022 budget and, therefore, an ideal time for the councillors to start projects in their new departments

In fact, this is one of the reasons given by Juan Ortolá to explain his entry into the government. “Knowing that there is going to be a new budget encouraged us to take this step in which we are very excited, grateful and predisposed to work for the town”.

The mayor has taken advantage of today’s appearance to thank Isabel Bolufer for the six years of working side by side. “Six very intense years, in which you have been outstanding and have earned the affection of the whole team. You have been one of my main supporters in dealing with complicated situations,” he said.

A note from admin at Javea Connect

“I have to admit I was delighted to read this news release from Javea Town Hall today. Doris Courcelles was always so helpful to me personally and to Javea Connect and I am very happy that she is being welcomed back into local politics by our mayor Jose Chulvi. 🙂