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TV Star Helping Regenerate Javea Old Town

by Loraine Gostling

A while ago, in the Javea Connect group, people were commenting that the indoor market was looking, shall we say, a little bare?  Well, that may have been so but soon there will be improvements in the parking situation near the Historical Centre and it has come to our attention that to rent space in this lovely area, is not as expensive as many may believe it is.

So, we are presenting a little promotion written by Lisa Childs of the unique V-thos Vegan Restaurant in Javea Arenal and yes…. she is a TV star! If you have no idea about her rise to stardom, please read the article at the end of this page. 

Article By Lisa Childs of V-Thos, Javea

“Are you a small home business thinking of opening a shop, or taking on a local in Javea /Xabia?

As part of a larger project to regenerate areas within Javea/Xabia, there are now opportunities to take on a stall within the indoor market in the Old Town.

The Market building is one of the most iconic buildings within Javea/Xabia with plans to make access and parking much more easy in the future and a strong campaign from the Townhall to encourage visitors into the town and to the market, this could be a great way to open your business to a new audience. You might also be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs!

The information about renting a space in the market is always published in spanish, as you would expect, and the procedure to apply for a space can look daunting and complicated, but if you, or someone you know is interested in finding out more, I am happy to help and put you in contact with the right people.

This is a chance to be a part of the community and be a part of the future of Javea/Xabia”

Take a little tour.. Photos courtesy of David Elsworth. 

Photo: Weekender

Link to V-Thos appearance on “A New life in the Sun”  here.

(Series 3 episodes 6-10 for anyone who had channel 4 on demand/catch up) 

We should also mention that is is highly likely that Channel 4 will return in 2019 to catch up on Lisa’s story and they could, perhaps cover the Old Town market, if they are given a success story and a little nudge in the right direction  😉 

2016 Video.

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