Trucking Hell!

A peculiar incident (fortunately without injuries) stopped activity this morning at the entrance to the urban centre in Javea. A truck, after stopping at the gas station to refuel, suffered a brake failure just after starting off.

The driver, having lost control, suddenly reversed, knocking down a railing and entering a garden located in front of the gas station.

This manoevre left more than half of the truck inside the property, and obviously gave the driver, the owner of the property and nearby passers-by a real scare!

Fortunately, no passersby were in the path of the truck or outside the house at that time, avoiding a possible tragedy.

Local Police immediately went to the scene and secured the affected area while waiting for the arrival of a tow truck to remove the vehicle. The neighbours commented on how scary this was but fortunate there was no one in the path of the out-of-control truck.

Source: Xàbia Al dia