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Toll Free AP7 Confirmed But The Coast Train Still a Pain

by Loraine Gostling

The government has announced that the AP7 between Alicante and Tarragona will become a toll-free road from 1st January 2020

The announcement was greeted mostly favourably and drivers can look forward to 2020 when they will be ably to use the motorway for free, thus keeping away from the busy coastal roads that are often congested especially during peak seasons.

It remains to be seen whether the AP7 will suffer from major congestion next year but for my part, I would have liked to have seen a reduction of tolls rather than a full scrap… but that’s just my opinion!

The coast train, on the other hand, is still not in action and there is no real update about when it will be back on tracks, so to speak.

Arcadi Spain has stated that the Cullera-Gandia section has the most advanced environmental impact statement while the Gandia-Dénia section, Goes more slowly because it is a very sensitive and complex area from the environmental point of view

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