The Start of the Connection

Once upon a time…. there was a bar in Balcon-al-Mar, Javea which was taken over in 2008 by a “rookie” London/Scotland partnership. 

And that is where it all started!   We would have local folk and holiday-makers visit us who thought we would know everything there is to know about our lovely town. Unfortunately ( as most bar owners will appreciate 😉 we did not, as we very rarely managed to escape from behind the ramp !

Then one day, I had a bright idea ( not that common I will have you know) and as I sat at my computer I thought it may make life easier for the” Balcon-al-Martians”  and Javea inhabitants in general, if they could all meet up in a Facebook cyber -bar and ask each other for advice, or sell  and buy their unwanted stuff,  see if anyone was going to or coming from the airport, find a babysitter/mechanic etc etc… you get my drift 🙂   At that moment Javea Connect was born.  I introduced  about 80 of my customers and friends and published the group.  That auspicious occasion was over 7 years ago now and the group membership has grown to over 17,000.

I have received a lot of support over the years by a few very good friends without whom the group and the running of this website would not have been possible. My thanks go to my loyal and selfless friends Hannah(Discombobulated) Williams (my right hand admin)  Gwenda Robinson ( my left hand admin) Kenn  Walters and my daughter Karlee .

We all hope that you will enjoy this website and the  new Connecting platform .