Spanish views of the “Whacky Brits.”

The things we do that make the Spanish think we Brits are weird  :-

According to the statistics,  around 185,000  Spanish people live in the UK right now.

To find out about their impressions of the land of “please-thank-you-sorry-tea-curry and kebabs” 😉 , two Facebook groups of Spanish expats in London , (which together have over 90,000 members) were asked the following question: “What surprised you when you first arrived in the city?”

This is what they told us………..

  • Carpeted bathrooms
  • That there are no persiana blinds!
  • The shape of the taps
  • Trains with carpet
  • That people sit on the floor of their office to eat
  • People drinking alcohol or even eating sushi on the bus!
  • How elegant the pubs are compared to the 80s bars in Spain
  • That people drink coffee while they have lunch or dinner
  • Potato crisps that taste like beef
  • Crisp sandwiches!
  • That they say “cheers” instead of thanks
  • Socks! Up to the knees whether it’s summer, winter or a wedding
  • That they say “fair enough” to anything
  • That there are still milk delivery trucks
  • The music of the ice cream trucks
  • That they push you and elbow you but always say “sorry” very politely
  • That kids eat dinner at 4pm and go to sleep at 7pm
  • Most children go to school on a scooter
  • They charge by the week instead of by the month

You Gotta Love Us, lolol