Out and About.. Rull Caves and more at La Vall D’Ebo

Cova del Rull 

Was discovered in 1919 by José Vicente Mengual (Uncle Rull) when out hunting with his dog which was following a rabbit going down a hole. The next day he tried to remove some stones from the hole and it was here that he found the cave that now bears his nickname.

In the sixties, due to increased tourism, “Uncle Rull” opened it to the public .

There is a lot to explore in the La Vall D’Ebo including:-

The Museum of Ethnology

Ethnological Museum of La Vall d’Ebo is located in an old house on Avenida Marina Alta and exhibits a collection of tools and curiosities brought by residents of the municipality.

Through these objects recreate the life of our ancestors. The austerity of kitchen utensils, shows a simple diet, the culture crude implements with which extracted from the earth the fruit of hard work, the furniture, the clothes, ornaments, etc…
Visit ethnological museum is entering another era, each of the exhibits was used by someone at some point in the life and history of La Vall d’Ebo.

Timetable ( Open from beginning of June 2020)

Normally from April to September, from 10.30 until 20.30
From November to January 14, from 11.00 to 17.00h
From February 16 to March and October, from 11.00 to 18.30
January 1 and December 25  and from 15th January to 15th February of each year will is closed to the public. 

From Javea the journey by car is approximately an hour

Directions, map and other information about the attractions in the area  can be found on the website here at Lavalldebo