Prison sentence for the Javea Infamous Thief.

After a long and tiring battle, Javea citizens get justice and the young woman, “Stephanie”, who has been trespassing and robbing the local area for years, has been given a prison sentence.

A Facebook group, calling for her apprehension and arrest, which was set up a few weeks ago, gathering almost 1,000 members, has proven that the town’s people can be heard and can make a difference.

Today, a Dénia judge has ordered a prison sentence for this woman of English/Croatian (we believe) nationality, who has been detained 20 times by the Javea Guardia Civil after committing a succession of various minor thefts.

According to the report given to Xabia al Dia from judicial sources, the latest arrests occurred this morning by the agents of the Benémerita when she was caught red-handed committing another crime. The agents transferred her to the barracks, but then, upon contacting the young woman’s family, it was disclosed that they did not want to take charge of her. After contacting the judge on duty, he ordered her admission to Fontcalent prison, where she was taken directly this morning (Tuesday 30th June).

Along with her twin sister, this young woman has caused a great social uproar. Her way of acting at night, sneaking into homes, caused a great furore and social networks were continually posting here whereabouts, in order to warn others in the area. 

Previous detentions after arrest, however, always resulted in her being returned home and she would be back on the rampage within days, or even hours! She appears to have some degree of disability but her family did not want to take the responsibility of her.

In fact, on Facebook, various groups promoted by English, Dutch and Spanish citizens alike, were created to help the Guardia Civil achieve their final arrest and subsequent imprisonment. A campaign to collect signatures was also started through the platform to ask the mayor to intervene.

All this information was collected by the Guardia Civil in an extensive report, which was transferred to the guard judge, who finally ordered this young woman to go to prison on Tuesday, who with her many, many minor crimes has caused anger and disturbed the peace in Javea during recent months.