Pooling Your Resources

The probability of being permitted to do this locally is pretty much “zilch” we imagine… but we think it is a cool idea!

Like it or not, containers are a growing trend in design around the world. Usually, you would have read something about houses and bungalows built from containers, but here, a cargo container was repurposed into a spectacular and fully-functional swimming pool. And not your run of the mill model, but a modern swimming pool with a super-safe window!

A company from Vancouver, Canada has really done something great because not only the shipping containers are repurposed in a useful fashion but the swimming pool can be setup real quickly and moved if necessary!

Also, a divider can be installed when the weather is cold, thus turning a small portion of it into a hot tub. And it is possible to control the entire thing via a smartphone!

The price to build it? Well we are unsure (apart from the fact that a container will cost around 1500 – 2000 euros) but maybe there is someone out there who will go take to “pool by the horns” and find out 😉