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Out and About In Gandia

Gandia is known as a destination for sun and sand, a place to visit in summer to relax and go out to party. However, this town is much more than that and it is perfect to visit at any time of the year, even in winter, as it has many hidden gems. ( See gallery further down)

Palau Ducal

If there is one place you can not miss during your visit to Gandia, it is the Palau Ducal. This palace is more than 600 years old and was originally inhabited by one of the most powerful families in history: the Borgias or Borja, including San Francisco de Borja, who was born, lived and died in this palace.

The Ducal Palace of Gandia is open every day and it is possible to visit its different rooms, both with guide and for free. In addition, on certain dates, dramatised visits are also arranged.

See further down the page for the Palau article. 

Plaza del Prado

This square also has history. Formerly, it was a private place, but its owner donated it to the city. However, he put in a condition: the square would be public as long as the tree that was there always remained in situ. To this day, the poor tree is already more artificial than natural, but Gandia has kept its promise.

In the Plaza del Prado you will find a beautiful covered market that was restored a few years ago, an original park for children, as well as numerous bars and restaurants.

In the same square there is a public underground car park. During the construction of the square, an original anti – aircraft shelter from the Civil War was discovered. A part of this can be seen from the car park.

Port and Maritime Promenade

The beach area of ​​Gandia is also ideal for autumn and winter. Compared to summer, it is very quiet, although there are still restaurants and shops open.

It is an ideal walk to enjoy the views of the sea, relax calmly with the sound of the waves or see the fishermen and boats in full operation.

At the end of the entire Paseo Maritimo, at the opposite end of the port, next to the Playa de l’Ahuir, you will find one of the few areas of natural dunes that are preserved in the Valencian Community. Wooden walkways have been built so that you can enjoy them without damaging this natural space.

Photos from Meraviglia

House of Culture

Here, different cultural activities are organised for locals and visitors. In the past it was a family mansion built in the 19th century and it was not until 1997 that it became the House of Culture.

However, the most beautiful part that is always open to enjoy is its garden , where you will find many different species of trees and plants. It also hosts some musical events and concerts.

Walk of the Germanías

This avenue is the central axis of the city, an ideal area to take a walk in family or go out for a drink. Next to it is Calle Mayor and San Francisco de Borja, where all fashion stores are located.

Also, if you walk down this street you have to cross the impressive suspension bridge that crosses the river Serpis. If you stop at the centre, you can feel the movement and vibration of the bridge. But do not worry, it’s totally safe! On the other side, the market is set up every Saturday, as well as a big fair during the city’s festivities.

The Marsh

A few kilometres from Gandia is the Marjal, a natural space near the sea but with a mass of fresh water, which has  special vegetation and fauna that can be viewed close up.

In this quiet area you can go to do sports, walk, picnic, etc. There are several routes indicated, as well as picnic areas. it has an Interpretation Centre in which to learn more about this interesting ecosystem.

As you can see, Gandia is a city that, although wonderful to enjoy in summer, also has many possibilities during the winter and the rest of the year, making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.


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