Out and About in El Cau Open Air Museum

In the middle of Elche’s sierra, in what was an old quarry in the Sierra del Tabaià, there is a curious group of sculptures carved in the rock, El Cau de Elche. An open-air museum with more than a hundred beautiful and magical carvings, ideal for visiting with the family.

The sculptures, clearly embedded in an old quarry (there are over one hundred in these mountains) represent well-known images as the Dama de Elche or the abundant Palmeral (palm grove), as well as others less known by foreigners, such as the Basilica of Santa María , the ark that Coast Guard Francesc Cantó found on the beach, the musician Pepico Vaello, the ancient fountain of the Glorieta or the reservoir dam.

Get there with the GussiRoca Wikiloc track or with the following location on Google Maps where you can park.

The site can be easily reached, as there is an area to park the car near El Cau de Elche, where you can enjoy the open-air museum, the small recreational area or area or the panoramic views of Elche, El Puig Campana, the Serra de Aitana, the Maigmó, etc.-.

It is very close is the dam and Elche reservoir, so you can complement your visit to El Cau with a circular route like the one on the Wikiloc track by Francisco José Martínez Martínez .

Mariano Ros, together with some colleagues worked on the project from 2000 to 2008, when eventually they were forced to stop work as the sculptures were being carved in public mountains.

The location of the sculptures is not the original one, as before the year 2000 they were in the Sierra del Castellar, but had to be moved for the protection of the area.