Out and about in Aqualandia

Opens on June 1st 2023

Now with the largest water slide in the World!

Aqualandia is one of the largest water parks in the world with a host of water based fun and activities.  Located just outside of Benidorm the large park will provide a whole day out for all the family.

Facilities include changing rooms, safety deposit boxes, restaurants, picnic areas.

There is a variety of slides from gentle water slides for the younger children to heart racing fast slides for the adventurous rider.  Please be aware height restrictions will apply.  There is also a number of swimming pools and sunbeds available to hire.

Season opens in June and you can often find discount vouchers in local stores.

What are the best rest areas in Aqualandia?

  • Niagara.  It imitates an island, with a waterfall, tunnels and caverns inside the pool itself. It will help you relax to listen to the sound of the water or take a tour of the places that we have just mentioned. It is a very quiet place with only one danger: that after being so relaxed you don’t want to go out. Of course, adventures will continue to wait for you very close. 
  • Lagoon. It is another possibility to spend some rest time while enjoying the water. Because when we talk about relaxing, it does not mean lying down to rest, just by changing the activity to a less intense one, you will already notice how the adrenaline goes down. Then, you just have to resume the activity and return to the strong emotions.  
  • Amazon. It is an artificial river that has a smooth and calm current. You can be relaxing in its surroundings or what is even better, take a float and let yourself go. You will love to enjoy the surroundings and return to other more exciting attractions.
  • Great Jacuzzi Iguazú. You don’t have to go to a spa or health resort to enjoy a jacuzzi. In our park you will find one and it is huge. Even if you don’t need to relax, you can’t stop knowing him.
  • Wave pool. It is as fun as it is relaxing. We say this because you can choose between facing the waves if you get close to them or enjoying how they caress your legs by the pool. There will be some moments when you forget that you are not on a real beach.
  • Relaxation areas. Throughout the park you will find different areas where you can rest in a hammock safe from the sun. Also areas to enjoy a drink or to have a picnic. 

Various price packages are available and always best to book online.

Address: Sierra Helada s/n – Rincon de Loix, 03503 Benidorm