Out and About at The Chocolate Factory

Would you like to see how Valor chocolate is made?

Go and visit the charming Valor chocolate museum in Villajoyosa and you will learn where the cocoa comes from and how the chocolate making processes, tools and machinery have all evolved over the years. 

More than a century dedicated to the pleasure of making chocolate.

A track record that also shows how Valor has evolved since it was first set up in 1881, through the 5 generations of master chocolatiers who have run the company.

In their 19th century building, which, in those days was the little family factory, visitors go through the 500 years of history. Starting from when cocoa beans were stone-ground, up until the present day. The information panels tell visitors about the origins, the existing varieties of cocoa, when it first came to Spain and the tools that have been used throughout the centuries.